Will our athletes be coming back safe?

Will our athletes be coming back safe?

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Brazil, the 2016 host country for the Olympics is worried about athletes using contaminated in the three major bodies of water being used for the summer Olympics.

In the 2016 Summer Olympics the athletes competing in watersports could be swimming in contaminated water; Already ,officials have found three bodies of water that will be used for the 2016 Summer Olympics to be dangerously filthy. Bacteria and viruses have been found in the water. It is basically raw sewage

Brazil’s government officials are planning to create eight new water treatment facilities. So far, only one has been created seven more are planned.

The condition the water is currently in is preventing athletes from competing for days. Over 150 athletes drove into the water after it was deemed unfit for swimming. Some of the symptoms of this unsafe water are fevers, vomiting, and diarrhea. Some of U.S. sailors have already trained in the water and have not gotten sick. Many Brazilians claim they have not been infected. It could the fact that since they have been near the water longer, they have grown immune to it.

Brazilian officials assure that the water will be safe in time for the Olympics, however, international experts say it’s too late for a cleanup. Many of the water sites being used for competition contain infections that could harm the athletes. The CDC (Center of Disease Control) is encouraging traveling athletes to be vaccinated with Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccines. Executive Director for Communication  Engagement Mano Andrada said that, “The committee’s main priority is to keep the athletes and visitors safe and healthy, The committee’s goal is to keep 80% of it’s water clean and it’s a complicated goal.”


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