You’ve probably taken magazine quizzes and clicked on Buzzfeed quizzes, but this “Devil’s Advocate” quiz will tell you your best social category.

1) Today’s newspaper is on your coffee table. What section do you read first?
A. Headlines
B. Comics
C. Sports
D. How about I put my feet on it instead?

2) It’s summertime! You spend most of your days:
A. Reading or watching television
B. Hanging with/talking to friends
C. Practicing for fall sports
D. Sleeping, like, all the time.

3) You slept through your alarm and now have five minutes to get ready. What do you do?
A. Throw on random jeans and a t-shirt
B. Shrug it off and proceed as normal
C. Skip the hair gel or other cosmetic preparations
D. Say “oh well” and go back to sleep

4) It’s 2:00 A.M. and you’re still up. Why?
A. Reading/studying
B. Texting/talking on the phone
C. Worrying about a game/hyped up from a game
D. I woke up at 2 P.M.

5) A party is in full swing and you can be found:
A. Away from everyone or not there at all
B. Dancing and chatting with everyone
C. In front of the television watching the game
D. There was a party tonight?

Now count up all your answers to find out which social group you are.

MOSTLY A’s: You’re a geek and prefer staying home and reading on a Friday night rather than scouring for parties. You can be found with your nose in a book or fangirling/fanboying over the new episode of your favorite television show.

MOSTLY B’s: You’re a prep and always have a bundle of friends surrounding you. Your close friend circle takes up nearly half of the whole table at lunch and you most likely text a lot during class.

MOSTLY C’s: You’re a jock and you probably own at least two different athlete posters. You can be found on the field and you’ve probably been in weight training more than once.

MOSTLY D’s: You’re a slacker. You would rather sleep or listen to music during class than listen to the boring lesson. You can be found at the back of the classroom with your hood on.

MIXTURE OF ALL: Lucky you! You’re diverse and fit into more than one social category. You can be found bouncing from table to table at lunch and most likely are into a wide variety of activities.

*These predictions are just for fun and are not based on scientific evidence.*


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