Up with People visit Statesboro

Up with People visit Statesboro

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Up With People(UWP) is an educational, music based organization that helps communities advance.

UWP is built up of about 150 employees from around the world, with a mission to travel educational purpose. These employees go to many countries and get involved with that country’s community, by doing things like: performing, cleaning up the parks, visiting schools to help teachers, etc.

In 1984-1985 a local Statesboro family joined UWP. Debbie and Lee walker actually met at UWP and fell in love. Later on Katie Walker, their daughter of, joined UWP also. The Walker’s son, Matthew Walker, is a senior at Statesboro High School.

During our interview Matthew said “Cool being a part of UWP we go to reunions every year and I get to meet other alumni kids”

when answering how living with people who’ve been on UWP lives have been. Obviously UWP had a huge impact on the Walkers’ lives and Matthew will interview for UWP with UWP.

The UWP crew will arrive August 24 and stay until August 31. August 28 UWP will come to Statesboro High School @7pm to perform. During the crews stay they will need somewhere to stay, so host families will be needed.

Being a part of UWP allows participants to explore other cultures, but it comes with a price. The UWP Abroad Program is built for people who love to help out with the community or if they are looking to become a future member of UWP. To audition singing, dancing, and knowledge is unnecessary, as the cast will serve as teachers. Participants spend 1 week in nearly 20 different communities, so participants are learning how to become a cast member, but also helping out in communities


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