“The significance of the backstage crew”

“The significance of the backstage crew”

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Statesboro High will soon adopt the backstage production class which teaches the necessity of the backstage crew during a live performance.

Why is this class so important?

Mr. Frazier, Statesboro High drama teacher, said,  “If you have a great backstage crew the show will be great. If you don’t no matter what the actors do on stage the show will suffer!”

Frazier firmly believes that the production of the backstage class plays a big role in the representation of Statesboro High performances. The level of importance between on stage and backstage is the same and works hand in hand.

“You can’t do one without the other,” Frazier said. The crew depends on the actors the actors knowing what they’re supposed to do and the performers on stage properly. The procedures for working backstage can be as simple as working quickly and quietly as possible. It’s also important for the crew to always be aware of what’s happening on stage.

The backstage crew practices as much as the actors.

Frazier said, “I have rehearsals for just the crew to learn their places, jobs, and for them to set up and strike with a certain time frame.”

The main focus for the backstage crew every live performance is to keep the show running smoothly so that the actors have everything they need when they need it. They must be dependable and fast at all times. The backstage crew must build a trust with all of the actors and coaches to be successful. So, they are very important in the production of the performances and plays a major role that could even be up for debate of which is more important: actors or backstage crew.


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