The fantasy of fantasy football

The fantasy of fantasy football

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Fantasy football is a great competition between ultimate football teams that clash in a fun game against friend or foe.

People should play fantasy football because it is an extremely fun game that can be played with friends or foes. It is a test of ability to make the best team possible and try to win the league. Fantasy football is great way to kill time when waiting in a doctor’s office.

Fantasy football involves imaginary football teams picked by people that face off to see who has the best team in a league. People can play by first drafting a team, then setting their best line-up from week to week. Fantasy football leagues can be done on the internet or on paper, it’s all preference. If too many players are on a bye week at the same time, a few of them will need to be dropped to create space to pick-up other players.

In the first round of the draft, people should always draft a high scoring running back like Eddie Lacy, Adrian Peterson, or Jamal Charles. During the second round, there is a choice: either pick-up another high scoring running back or a high scoring wide receiver like Jordy Nelson, Odell Beckham, or Calvin Johnson. In round three if there are two running backs on the team being drafted, this is the round to prioritize picking a wide receiver before all of the high scoring wide receivers are taken. Round four would be the perfect round to pick up a tight end. If Rob Gronkowski and/or Jimmy Graham are still not picked by this round pick them.

Round five is by far one of the trickiest rounds of the whole draft because of the amount of choices one has. Round five is generally where a quarterback like Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, or Peyton Manning is picked. Almost every round after round five is just preference on who to pick for one’s team. If Stephen Gotskowski has still not been picked by the eighth, he should be a priority pick. Generally with any other kickers, they should be picked up in a later round such as the tenth round. The round where a defense is picked should be fairly late. A defense round should be the round after a kicker.



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