Public school perks

Public school perks

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Public school, where everybody wants to be for eight hours a day. Let’s take a field trip to the inside-workings of the institution we attend five days a week.

The first thing everybody desires is to be greeted in the morning by horrifying screams from girls that act like they haven’t seen their friend in decades. Seriously? You saw her yesterday. Thankfully, school is scheduled at a suitable time so that the minute everyone sits down for first block they are alert and ready to learn and pay attention.

Next, it’s time for gym, a place to exercise and have fun. Nobody texts, sleeps, or engages in horseplay. The boy that just chunked a basketball at the other kid’s head is building life skills and growing mentally and physically.

Now, examine the hallways, where all students plan ahead for their next class, making sure to be on time. Some people jolt and force through others, but this shows self-defense tactics for later on in life. The hallways are luxurious, filled with unique smells.

Time for lunch! Lunch is where throwing food is okay because it helps keep the mind and body active for the next class.

Speaking of class, here is an everyday classroom where teachers are tech-savvy and know how to work a complex remote and how to fix it if problems arise. While the teacher repairs the instrument, the students have time to get on their phones to text or surf Twitter and engage in great life skills while reading celebrity tweets.

Should I go now or wait until I get home? The bathrooms are 100% sanitary with paper towels always available after washing your hands with the luxury soap provided. Why not waste those paper towels scattered across the floor? We have enough anyway!

Finally, time to go home. The 3:05 bell screeches, leading 1500 students out in an orderly manner to safely exit the school, allowing all to get to their bus or car. What a nice field trip. We take a lot throughout the year, but this was the best yet.



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