Nash Davis leads the way

Nash Davis leads the way

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Nash Davis: far from just being a pretty face, he’s also got a rockin’ body from his time as Cross-Country Captain that almost outshines his incredibly bright future. Davis will be attending the University of Georgia in Fall 2015 as a biology major with a pre-med intent, an accomplishment no doubt stemming from his impressive high school career.

Davis sees his biggest accomplishment as his involvement with Student Government, which he says both helped him get involved and honed his interpersonal skills.

“You learn a lot about leadership,” Davis said. “It connects you with people, underclassmen and upperclassmen.”

Davis served as the Student Government president his junior and senior years, and president of the National Honor Society (NHS) his senior year.

“NHS helped me a lot with community service hours, which probably helped me a lot with getting into Georgia, I have no doubt,” Davis said.

As NHS president, Davis connected with people in the community outside of SHS, which, in conjunction with his work in Student Government, taught him networking skills.

“I think learning how to network with people, how to talk with people … and how to not be afraid to just go out there and meet new people will be my biggest asset in college and outside of college,” Davis said. “Just actually putting yourself out there, you know?”

Even through Davis’s star-like popularity and almost god-like exaltation, he maintains an undeniable humility. Davis seems uncomfortable talking about his accomplishments, saying that he doesn’t feel like there’s a “role” he deserves to be able to bequeath for the Devils’ Advocate’s traditional Last Will and Testament.

“It’s one of those things that I just kind of did … I didn’t take a role from anybody,” Davis said. “Maybe y’all just do the same thing we did and it’ll be good … I love my fellow SHS people.”


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