Marching with the Devils

Marching with the Devils

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Most people come to the Statesboro High School football games for the actual game, others come to be social, but some come to see the pre-game/halftime marching band.

The SHS marching band plays before the games to fire up the crowd and during halftime to entertain. Samuel Tillman, senior member of the marching band, said that the band has “shrunk a bit this year,” but the shrinking hasn’t stopped [them] at all.

“We are all extremely dedicated to perfecting our halftime show for competition,” said Tillman. “Our show’s theme is love and contains songs related to it. My favorite piece is ‘We Found Love,’ which contains a percussion feature.” Tillman is in the band’s drum line, and plays the bass drum.

“Every Tuesday and Thursday, the entire band is outside setting our marching spots and practicing our marching and musical skill,” said Tillman. “Recently, the weather has interrupted our practices, so we are working even harder with the time we do have.”

The Blue Devils’ marching band is now a part of the new Bulloch Blues Marching Band. The SHS band comes together with the other Bulloch County school bands to practice, but each member is responsible for practicing on his or her own and learning his or her music. The Bulloch Blues Marching Band will play in large parades such as the Citrus Bowl parade.

Their hard work has “really brings [them] together as a band,” according to Tillman. “We aren’t only better musicians, but also better friends.”



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