America has been using its power to try and help make peace in the Middle East for decades, but many Americans believe that we are getting too involved.

According to The Huffington Post, over 70 percent of Americans think we are too involved in the Middle East. There are actually a couple of major reasons why most Americans feel this way. The most disheartening reason of all would have to be the deaths. Thousands of American soldiers have died as a result of American involvement in the Middle East, and it’s not just our troops that are dying. By 2011, half a million Iraqi people had been killed, as well. So many people that die in war have done nothing to deserve it and many of them are innocent.

Another reason why people think we are too involved in the Middle East is because we do not spend enough time addressing problems in the U.S.. We are a powerful country, and with great power comes great responsibility, but there hasn’t been peace in the Middle East for decades, so should we continue to intervene as much as we do? Maybe we don’t have to give up completely, but some of the effort we used to assist Syria with their civil war could be used to help stop poverty in America instead. With all the time spent trying to acquire oil, couldn’t we make better use of the time to work on reducing our national debt? There just needs to be a better balance of our priorities.

Senior Jalen Williams, SHS student said, “My father served four tours and suffered irreparable damage to his body, and though it’s a necessary evil to have war, I think we can have a more diplomatic or peaceful solution.”


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