In support of SHS’s new schedule

In support of SHS’s new schedule

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Whether students like it or not, school personnel have decided to officially change to a seven-period modified schedule for the 2015-2016 school year.

One of the main benefits of the new schedule is that students will have more time to absorb the information taught in class.

Mrs. Weathers, SHS counselor, gave an example of the benefits for math classes. “With math everyone was in agreeance that [that] is done better as a yearlong class. With 90 minutes and pounding it all into a block, you have to learn several concepts within one class period. You don’t have time to learn one, go home and practice it, and let it soak in before you come back the next day and learn another one. The math teachers felt as a whole, it would be better yearlong.”

Advanced Placement classes also contributed to the schedule change. In an AP class, there is a lot of reading to do and squeezing it all into one semester doubles the amount of reading students must do. For example, with the yearlong classes students may only have to read one or two chapters a night, whereas with the block schedule, students may be reading three to four chapters a night.

“The College Board for AP classes recommends yearlong classes because students that take AP classes first semester have to wait until the end of second semester in May to take the AP test,” Weathers said.

On the positive side, students who are dual-enrolled won’t have anything to worry about, as the schedule will not conflict with college courses.

Weathers said, “It’s actually not going to have a negative impact on [dual enrollment.] I have to get more creative with how I schedule [students], but it works out really well.”

The new schedule is also beneficial to teachers, as they will have more time to go into depth with the concepts being taught.

The schedule for the 2015-2016 school year is going to be a good change. We won’t have to stress over having so much homework at one time, we’ll only have finals in May, and we’ll also have more time to absorb the information learned. Some people don’t like change, but this change is definitely for the better.



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