By Julia Fechter (Special to The Devils’ Advocate)

Metal in Statesboro? Yes, you read that right. Metal outfit Soloman’s Ghost rocked the house alongside bands Isotopes and Turntenstein September 13 at Bigshow’s Burger.

A metal concert has not graced Statesboro’s music scene for years, but the September 13 concert more than made up for that. Bigshow’s was packed before the concert, while people anxiously awaited the headliner, Solomon’s Ghost.

This band started playing around 11 p.m. The lead vocalist, Chike Ony, screamed through most of the set with crushing guitar riffs and drums. When Ony was not screaming, lead guitarist Josh Cook sang clean   vocals, giving moshers a second to recover from the constant energy throughout Solomon’s Ghost’s set. Who knew that making the most of a metal concert means headbanging and moshing to your heart’s content? Now, I can check “Go to a metal concert” off my bucket list!

Overall, Solomon’s Ghost was an adrenaline-fueled good time. Drew Purvis, drummer for Solomon’s Ghost, shared that he wanted to play drums in a heavy band, so he searched for just the right fit to complete his vision. Cook and Purvis have a common interest in the band Between the Buried and Me, and after talking decided to join together to create their own band. The rest is history!

Purvis said, “I would like to say that it’s performing our music at shows “[his favorite part], “and that is a huge part of it, but I have to say that it’s what I do with my band mates surrounding the actual performances. The long drives to shows, the meals, the practices and writing sessions. It’s the social aspect of being with like-minded musicians that I have a connection with both on and off the stage that is the best part of being in this band.”

Cook and Purvis feel that distance is one of their biggest challenges. Two of the band members live in Atlanta, so scheduling practice sessions and shows can be difficult. Cook added, “On top of all that, we write really slowly. All things together make this the hardest part of the job. We’re always satisfied with the end product of our writing sessions, we just happen to write at a pace that resembles glacial.”

Solomon’s Ghost has more shows scheduled for this year. According to Purvis, if all goes as planned, the band will have a full length album available at the end of the year. Metal fans can read more about the band on Facebook at



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