Heat is affecting the way we play Football

Heat is affecting the way we play Football

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With record high temperatures football players at Statesboro High, and all throughout the south face a difficult start to the season.

Practicing in heat is hard to do, but it is part of conditioning.

According to Coach Steve Pennington, “the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature has a major impact on practice.”

The “Wet Bulb Globe Temperature” is a measure of heat in direct sunlight including: temperature, humidity, wind speed, sun angle, and cloud cover.

“The temperature has to be below a certain degree before players can dress in full pads,” Pennington said.

As draining practicing in the heat is, it can help the players in many ways.

“The better a player can work in the heat at practice, the better the chance he has to perform. Also, it reduces the chance of having muscle cramps in the game,” Pennington said.

The heat can affect players both physically and mentally.

Former SHS football player, Samad Foster said, “Physically you lose weight, get cramps, and have minor or major injuries mentally, it’s hard to focus and stay on task. In the heat players and coaches get frustrated.Coaches always remind us to hydrate before and after practice at home and during school”.

Hopefully, conditioning the Statesboro Blue Devils prepares them for the season and bring home those wins.


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