Dr. LeCain plans for a successful year

Dr. LeCain plans for a successful year

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SHS principal Dr. LeCain has plans for a very successful year at Statesboro High School by adding teachers and a new schedule.  

These changes aim to improve the school, but LeCain plans to “keep everything the same as far as the hard work and determination.” The new schedule is very different for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, but it gives students 8,100 minutes more of instructional time than they would get in a block schedule.

“You get more instructional time, just in smaller chunks,” LeCain said.  

Also, with the 55-minute class periods, students may find it easier to focus for a shorter time period, which means they can pay closer attention for the whole class period. The changing time between classes is also shorter by one minute, and there is also no 60-second warning bell.  

“By making the changing time shorter and not including a warning bell, it will prevent students from standing around and talking and will also bring down the amount of tardies,” LeCain said.

Seven new teachers were added to the school, allowing for fewer students in most classes. This will give teachers more individual instruction opportunities, and it will be easier for students to focus with fewer people in the classroom. Teachers also have more opportunities to discuss students and the material they are teaching in meetings.

“Do right. You know what is right from wrong, so do it. Be on time to class, and try hard, and if you do that then the teachers will take of you, and you will have a successful year,” LeCain said.   



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