Does August 1 come too fast?

Does August 1 come too fast?

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Students and teachers alike complained when it was confirmed that the 2014-2015 public school year would, once again, begin August 1.

Faculty and staff from the district were given scheduling options and the majority vote sided with starting on the first day of August. By choosing to commence on this date, students will be given 36 total days off during the duration of the school term and will be released for summer vacation on May 29.

With the current scheduling, students have some sort of break, whether it is a day off or an entire week out of school, every 4-6 weeks. These breaks are much appreciated when they come along because they prevent faculty, staff, and students from getting run down.

“I personally love the schedule we have now.” says senior, Chelsea Wilson “Although it is always a pain to start back weeks before the end of summer and before most schools, it pays off. The breaks we have give me something to look forward to and allow me the time I need to relax, clear my head, and get re-motivated for the remainder of the year.” But must the year start so early?

In contrast, Bulloch Academy, a local private school, did not start classes until August 13th, seven school days after Bulloch County public schools, and their summer vacation starts the same week as all other local schools. However, students at BA will not enjoy the luxury of week-long breaks and/or days off from school as frequently as their public school counterparts. While all public schools are out of class for a week in October for Fall Break, students at the Academy will remain in a classroom until Thanksgiving holidays, 14 weeks later, to make up for the extra week of summer they enjoyed.

Whether a student is in the public or private school system, they are required to attend 180 school days. The responsibility lies with faculty, staff, and Board of Education to decide when the term begins and ends. Media Specialist, Amy Altman, offers an alternative option that gives the best of both worlds. She suggests that instead of week-long breaks, students get half a week off.  That way they can enjoy a longer summer and frequent breaks.



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