Dissatisfaction with the new schedule

Dissatisfaction with the new schedule

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Statesboro High School is considering a period-style schedule over our current block schedule next year, and I stand against it.

Statesboro High School has announced that it is considering mixing a period schedule with our block schedule. This would make a few classes out of the day last for only 50 minutes with a block class to schedule lunch. The problem with this is that students with dual enrollment (high school students enrolling in college classes for college credit) would find it very difficult to divide time for a college class and make it back in time for their next class.

A block schedule is an academic course schedule where students attend four 90-minute classes each day for a semester. This form of scheduling became popular in the 90s. Block schedule reduces the amount of homework students are assigned each day. Block schedule also teaches students to sit in one place and focus on one thing for a longer stretch of time. It’s a sort of counteractive to the ADHD epidemic.

The more popular period schedule structures six 50-minute courses throughout the year. A period schedule paces well. It helps those students who can’t keep up with the fast influx of homework and unit material. The problem is that some students who can keep up with this work and learning are held back and must wait two semesters before finishing a course. The block schedule allows for more flexibility in a time management sense as well. You can finish an entire class in a few months. Block schedule also correlates well with dual enrollment.



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