Written By You

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By: Taharqa Johnson



The pain…it’s stress

But to confess what I’m feelin, maybe you wanna hear it in my own words I guess



Until you ever stood back and watched your daughter drown—bound on this fear you’d do less good than harm for her

Knowin you’d stand by death palced on a last breath-bearing this rhythm in your chest as her shield of armor

But that protection from the world has left you blinded—to the unexpected flaw in the plan; you’ve become the crack that harmed her

That’s when the iconic, ironic and to be honest underestimated complex of karma

Turns on ya—its own soldier—and given she held your heart as a weapon—you stand in fear as you begin to disarm her

Tell me what happens when you mix alcoholic grains with oppressions of fame?

And a heart paraplegic to pain—isn’t it love shattering is silent repressions in vain

Let me explain: If she ask daddy to play and says go find mommy, she never ask where’s mommy? Tell me, where is she?

You stand a thief of  stolen childhood—as she knows mommy’s never coming home—is she?

But maybe it’a all be okay if per say music’s got daddy so busy it raises a daughter to raise herself

The most felt wealth of a song that can’t write itself melts her sobs to die in the wind as she swings by herself

But in the height of the moment a symbolic omen causes you aware of the single tear drop shed from your eye by itself

While you rise from this paralyzed impaired sense of analyzing despair; etching the tears in to an epitaph for the dying love she felt

Because of this prosthetic heart—he feels it through the clunks and sparks; the regret of every missed kiss lately

Reminds him of in his life would always be there—and breaks throught the monster music made me—and sneaks in the first words, last verse: baby, please save me



The day you’re gone, I can’t keep pushing on

When if you kept me strong; just let the heart rejoice

To the sounds of even your faintest voice

Just to let you know if you’re surviving

Daddy’s coming home again

Into this life where it’ll be us again


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By: Anonymous

My soul was once contrived from passion,

the wretched need to succeed at every conscious action,


It was waiting for a savior, a knight in shining armor that

never came,to save it from the umbrellas filled with holes

in the pouring rain,


It possessed all of life’s beautiful virtues like patience, kindness,

and blindness because who can fight what they cannot see?

That was me, a ship ravaged and riddled

with sickening blows on the verge of sinking

but still determined to float to the banks of destiny


That is me, locked up in a sepulcher that society had

so graciously buried,

A present built by the love of my life to destroy me,

to leave me in the night because what didn’t kill me surely

could never make me stronger,


Had I given in, chosen not to win,

Given up, not now, not then when the storm

touched me gently caressed the shell of what used to be,


It opened hell and I stared into the abyss and screamed to

those who tried to tie me down, “You could not beat me!

Because I am anchored in the daylight,

loved by the trees, and nurtured by the stars

who have touched the sea, to be free, is something that will

never leave me, so, tie down this body, strike it with your tongue

lashings and your angry thrashing as you proclaim

that I have won the game, undefeated, I have left you heated,

mistreated, it’s a decision, a small incision on the cloth of my mind

that will never be made, a price that will never be

paid, I bade to bury it deep beneath the ground but to

never have my head hanging down


I’m ready now

You used to insight to excite me, to make me blind

so I could not see what you have done to me,

would be blind to what was truly mine,


Tell me strength, are we stranged? Or is it true

that I am deranged? Happy to be able

to finally see, the person in the mirror,


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By: Demarka Smith


“Live life to your fullest extent, grab it and

never let go

Be able to feel life and death to know

human boundaries

Observe the senses see all that there is

to be seen

Absorb the sights and acknowledge the

facts through your eyes

Listen to everyday life and hear it as


Understand what you hear and hear

what you understand

Ponder throughout your mind and seek

things never to be found

Say something in a way that you believe

you can do things through Christ “

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Image by Wander Andrade via Gopixpic.com


A flower beckons

unique somethings

irresistible? yes.


intoxicating life

with purity

and doubtful hope.



A flower sprouts

a tentative poke

then doubles by day,


placed in the sun

what could have been

becomes what is.



A flower blossoms

petal by petal

or all at once,


in either circumstance

a flower plucked from the ground

will wither and die.

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What do you think about

when all the lights are out?

With your breath as the only sound

do your eyes just flutter round?


or do you dream

of a better way to fill the spaces in between

these fleshy appendages we call ears

do you reevaluate your fears?


Contemplate the validity of

Omnipotent beings above

Do you wish as I do

That their whole world prove true?


While ceaselessly doubting it’s possible.



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