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Head Coach Megan Simonin and Assistant Coach Brian Duffy talk with swimmers before meet the team's final meet of the season. (Parent photo/Robbin Arnett)

The Statesboro High School “#Aquadevils” have wrapped up their final month on the swim team and can now look back on the season and the dynamics of this year’s team.

Many will miss the sweet, chlorine-laced smell of their clothes at swim meets, the matches of Ninja, a commonly enjoyed game played among swimmers between events, and the thrill of being called up to compete during competitive swim meets.

The team has competed in several swim meets throughout the season, each of which were held in various locations throughout Georgia. Nowhere else are swimmers able to compete lane-to-lane with swimmers from different high schools and assess their skills and growth in a competitive environment.

“I like the fact that you are part of a team [during swim meets]. You improve your time and earn points for your team. I can be part of a team and help myself get better along the way,” Katherine Barrs stated in appreciation of the value of meets on the team’s collective experience.

Scarlet Shumate, captain of the girls swim team, spoke on the collaboration among this year’s members, “The swim team this year has improved in a lot of ways, including going from a disjointed group of slightly awkward swimmers to an actual team that works together and motivates each other. . .we are leaving a group of seniors next year that have been swimming year-round for longer than I can even count.”

Sophomore swimmer Rachel Moore practices turns before the championship meet at the Chatham County Aquatics Center. (Parent photo/Arnett?)
Sophomore swimmer Rachel Moore practices turns before the championship meet at the Chatham County Aquatics Center. (Parent photo/Robbin Arnett)

During the season, the team placed between third and eighth in every meet. The girls 200-meter freestyle relay team finished the season with a time only two seconds shy of the state qualifying time. All of the girls in this relay team will be returning next year with the goal to achieve this time and advance.

The Statesboro High swim team was instructed by a new coach this year, Coach Meghan Simonin. As a result, the swimmers underwent moderate changes in procedures and training.

Rachel Moore, a swimmer on the SHS team for three years, spoke in this regard, “Each new coach brings new knowledge and new techniques to our team. We benefit from every coach.”

Swim season takes its hold onto the routines of Statesboro High swimmers in the week following Fall Break in October and continues until the end of January. Swimmers on the team engage in rigorous daily practices after school at Splash in the Boro, where they practice various strokes and polish their skills to achieve their best times.

Junior Kate Mock said, “I like to swim because it’s a full-body workout; it’s one of the only sports that uses all the muscles in the body.”


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