Been there done that: a college student’s advice to seniors

Been there done that: a college student’s advice to seniors

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Sydney Fowler

Even though it is August, it is still important for seniors to begin preparing for college and figuring out what to expect.

“If I would have taken more time to study and prepare myself in high school, I believe I would have been much more successful,” GSU junior, Carly Dye said. “Preparing for college is extremely important.”

In high school understanding the concept of time management helps tremendously. College students have so much more freedom than those in high school, and with that freedom comes more responsibility and more decisions to make. College is expensive so go to class. The professors will not spoon feed what was missed. Going from the same schedule every day to having different classes every day of the week, gives you more free time to do anything.

“For me it was better to have a structured schedule because you didn’t have an option but to study in the allotted time,” said Dye.

Finding a way to study that works for you would be helpful. Don’t study how others do because that does not necessarily help. College professors are different from high school teachers; they don’t care about having a personal relationship with their students. Professors often don’t care if someone misses a day or more of class.

Getting ready for college starts early, the score that is made on the SAT/ACT is one way colleges determine if they will accept someone.

“The SAT/ACT prep books are no joke. Take them seriously because they affect the next steps of your life,” Dye said.


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