Freshman year is a scary and exciting time. Going from the top of the totem pole straight back down to the bottom isn’t easy – especially with all the expectations high school brings. Looking back on my freshman year, four whole years ago, here are a few things I wish I had known:

  1. Eyeliner is not your friend. And pictures don’t forget.
  2. Don’t provoke Coach Simmons. He’s all fun and games talking about MLB and Constantine, but say one wrong thing and your water bottle is out the window.
  3. Friendships fade but F’s are forever. It won’t kill you to miss one night out to stay home and study. It doesn’t seem like it, but if you work hard now; you won’t have to commit academic and social suicide as a junior or senior to get into a good college.
  4. Posting two selfies in one day is never okay. I repeat, NEVER okay. And deleting all your Instagram pictures to appear deep and mysterious actually has the opposite effect. (We notice.)
  5. Stay close to your family. It sounds clichè, but they really are always there for you no matter what, even when your best friend turns out to be not-so-friendly, or your boyfriend breaks your heart. Stop being a bratty teenager and go tell your mom you love her.
  6. Get involved. I know everyone says it, but you can’t list “Chick-fil-A” as an extracurricular on a resume. Play the field and maybe you’ll find something you’re really interested in.
  7. Boys are gross. Especially senior boys. Stay away from them.
  8. Having school spirit isn’t lame. You’re here for four years, so you might as well make the most of it. Go to the football games, wear blue and white,  buy all the cheesy t-shirts – make some memories that you’ll be able to cherish.
  9. You will most likely be a completely different person in four years. You’ll go through heartaches, drama, and tears, but in the end, it makes you who you’re meant to be and everything seems worthwhile.
  10. Last, but certainly the most important, RESPECT THE UPPERCLASSMEN. We paid our freshmen dues, and it took us four years to get here. There’s a reason we get the front row at football games and we boo you at pep rallies. Quit whining because this year will end and your time will come.

Take these seriously, and you can Facebook message me in four years to thank me. Good luck, kiddos!


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